Level 102 Candy Crush

Level 102 Candy Crush

This is one of those levels you wish you could bypass OR you just had plenty of special candies to use. Although, for some, it is easy to get past this level if you take your time and just make smart decisions. However, if your goal is to get three stars, you are going to have a rough time taking this level to the top. That’s why we have gathered up a few tips and strategies to help you conquer Candy Crush 102 and the remaining 499 levels on Candy Crush It!

Tips/ Basic Strategy

Candy Crush Level 102

  • Objective: Bring 2 cherries and 2 acorns down in 40 moves or less, while also scoring at least 65,000 points.


  • Your biggest mission here, except for the obvious, is to rid the level of chocolate. With the spinners around them, they cannot grow, nor can you remove it. So, until you break those spinners, you aren’t going to deal with the chocolates either. Your best bet is to try and put striped or wrapped candies on the same line and plow right through the spinners and chocolate, decimating everything in its path. Color bombs will work as well. In any case, once the spinners are gone, the chocolates must be removed ASAP. Try to not be overwhelmed, this is very doable.

The 102nd level is Salty Canyon’s 7th and the 32nd overall ingredients level. In order to get past this one, two hazelnuts and two cherries must be dropped, while also scoring 65,000 points. You have 40 moves to do this in. But, as always, whenever you are left with extra moves, the level will activate their striped candies, leaving you with additional points.

  • Stars: 3 stars: 145,000 points; 2 stars: 115,000 points and 1 star: 65,000 points

Advanced Guide

Players must try to rid themselves of candy bombs first. If possible, make vertical striped candies immediately. In fact, any type of special candies will help at this point. However, striped candies (whether they are vertical or horizontal) will help on this level. You have to ensure that the chocolate cannot grow anymore than possible. Stopping the chocolate should be your first priority. If you do not do this, your primary goal will never be achieved. If you can make matches near the lower box, do so. Clear licorice swirls after this. Afterwards, if you can, try and clear blockers and demolish candy bombs at the same time. If you can do this, you are set.

By using bombs to make wrapped/striped candies, you can propel ingredients and chocolate out of the picture. Candy bombs are tough to work with because you only have five moves in order to demolish them. Moreover, isolated squares will contain plenty of licorice swirls and chocolate. So, remember once you clear the swirls, chocolate has a chance to spread, hindering the chance for ingredients to drop.